Here you'll find resources we hope you find useful

We're in the process of designing a whole raft of useful tools and resources you can use, whether it's support to come out, understanding pronouns, or how to build an inclusive workplace.

You can view what we currently have below.

If there's something you would like to see sooner rather than later just let us know and we will be happy to look at supporting you

Learning Zone

Check out the learning zone for training courses, and webinars that can aid in your learning, whether at organisational level, or individual.

Community Safety

This section contains advice and tips from community safety partners.

We want to live in a world where we don't need to think about taking extra steps to be safe in our community. Unfortunately there are still those who will target us just for who we are.

We are, however, very fortunate in North Northants to have partners who want to ensure we live happy, healthy, lives and they have offered support to us in anyway they can, and continue to work to being better allies. 

Check out the Community Safety section today

Worried about homelessness?

AKT support young people to access local authority social housing, supported accommodation and private rented accommodation. 

They have funds that go directly to young people to pay for deposits and furniture for their new homes. They also have access to emergency funds for accommodation, if they need a phone top up or need other emergency support through their independent living fund.

They also have access to funds for gender affirming items through that fund, so things like binders for young people or clothes or haircuts.

AKT do referrals to more specialist services such as domestic violence support services and support young people to access education, employment and training opportunities and also have funds for this. 


East Mids akt_digital_A4 poster 2023 Crops.pdf


East Midlands akt_digital_A5 flyer 2023 Crops.pdf

Coming Out Guidance

This support guide contains people's coming out stories, and advice, for people considering coming out, and to allies who want to understand some of the pressures the LGBT+ community faces.

Coming out support guide 2023.pdf

Pronoun Guide

This pronoun guide has been designed to help you understand pronouns and why the use of inclusive language is both respectful, and beneficial to a productive environment.

It is designed for use in businesses but can be used personally too

What are your pronouns - NN LGBT+ Forum V3 - 200223.pdf

Marie Curie - Getting Care and Planning for the future

This document is for LGBTQ+ people living with a terminal illness (or for people close to them).

It explains the care and support available  and helps guide you through a lot of the questions that may get raised.

Marie Curie Getting Care and Planning for the future.pdf

LGBT Experiences - Our stories

We have recently recorded, for an equalities week event, videos of us presenting our stories of what we experienced growing up as LGBT+

We hope in future we can make more of these but for now should serve to show the gaps in provision for LGBT+ people, how you can be a good ally, and to support those who may be going through the same experiences.

If you would like to share your experiences get in touch. They may help others

Aaron's Journey

This is Aaron's Journey, things he experienced growing up LGBTQ+

LGBTQ+ Experiences - Aarons Story.mp4

Jonathan's Journey

Jonathans Story.mp4

Flags Poster

We have created this poster as a nice visual for people to print off (or share virtually) to highlight the many identities covered by the LGBT+ community, as well as the evolution of some flags.

The QR code leads to a page on our site that gives a bit of information about each one to help keep people informed.

LGBT+ Flags.pdf

Terminology Guide

This guide will help you with the acronyms and terms used in the LGBT+ community.
Remember: If in doubt it's okay to ask if you're respectful!

Terminology Guide.docx

Forum's Poster

Feel free to use this poster in your place of work to signpost staff/customers/clients to our site  where they can find various organisations all under one roof that can support them or that offer social experiences.

North Northants LGBT+ Forum.pdf

Letter to MPs - Conversion Therapy Ban

Feel free to use this letter that we sent to North Northants MPs asking them to back us in our calls for Trans people to be included in the Conversion Therapy ban

Letter to MP - Conversion Therapy Ban.docx