About Us

The North Northants LGBT Forum is made up of different organisations across North Northamptonshire, and members of the public, with a vested LGBT+ interest.

Below you can read more about our vision, foundation, and objectives


We work toward making North Northamptonshire a more inclusive place to work and live.

To do this the forum acts as a coordinated, and representative, voice for the LGBT+ community within North Northamptonshire by bringing together community groups, and the council, to discuss issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, work together on solutions, and support one another on initiatives.

It's not all talk and no action though! The forum works toward an ever-evolving action plan to promote and organise events across the LGBT+ calendar. By increasing visibility of services, and through initiatives that help inform the wider public of issues, the forum works to help make North Northamptonshire a great place to live.


On the 1st April 2021 Northamptonshire County Council absorbed the eight District and Borough Councils and split into two Unitary authorities: North Northamptonshire, and West Northamptonshire.

Before this date the Northampton LGBT and allies forum worked hard to promote LGBT+ interest across Northamptonshire, and while it had the backing of the Northampton Borough Council, it did not have the same backing across the other councils in order to achieve it's fullest potential.
Since the Unitary split the Northampton LGBT+ and Allies forum is run and funded by West Northants council, giving it access to many more resources and expertise than before.

The North Northants LGBT+ forum was created as a result of the unitary split, and the Northampton forum being operated for West Northants residents, to ensure residents of North Northants were not left without a voice. Working in collaboration with the new North Council the forum has been set up with a wide array of community groups in its membership, ranging from County Befriending services to Youth organisations.

The inaugural meeting of the forum was on the 8th November 2021 and since then has been steadily growing and improving it's visibility and offer.

The North Northants Forum was created to ensure there was a unified voice for LGBT+ residents, with community groups, and members of the public, working together for a brighter and better future.


  • Promote equality across North Northamptonshire for LGBTQ+ residents and Identify ways of challenging discrimination.

  • Coordinate efforts to represent LGBTQ+ people across North Northamptonshire, from one off events, to ongoing support networks.

  • Provide information, and visible signposting, to support services, and social events, and how to access them.

  • Promote partnership working by statutory, and voluntary, sector organisations, LGBTQ groups, and members of the community.

  • Identify gaps in provision for residents and work with councillors to address local government policy affecting the community.

  • Escalate appropriate risks, issues, and key decisions to members where required to gain guidance while recommending input and providing information.

  • Ensure there is strong public engagement through a robust communications and engagement strategy.